Join the Scramble!
A simple sign: "Whodunnit?"

A scattering of cards--Clue cards, pasted in a picture frame.

So, what’s the answer? Whodunnit?

Many teams in the Oglesby Scramble were stumped. How were they to know?

Oglesby will again host the Scramble, the city’s version of Amazing Race thrown together with an old-fashioned scavenger hunt, as part of its annual Harvest Fest on October 5th. Check-in starts at 10:30 a.m. at the Dickinson House, with the race starting at 11 a.m.

Much like the television series Amazing Race, the Scramble pits teams of two in a series of mental and physical challenges. Teams will criss-cross the city of Oglesby on foot, racing for hefty cash prizes. While this year's race will still push team members to use their wits and break a tiny sweat, it won't be quite as grueling as races past. The focus, committee members say, will be on fun.

And for one team, the fun won't stop at the finish line.

The duo who crosses the line first will take home $300 for their efforts.

Two Scramblers get their first glimpse of the clues.
And with such prizes at stake, the competition will likely be thick. While the overall prize is certainly a draw, the second ($200) and third ($100) place overall finishers won’t be disappointed. Younger participants have extra incentive: Teams comprised of members aged 13 to 21 will compete for a special $100 prize. And, new this year, teams of 40+ are eligible for a $100 Seasoned Scrambler prize!

Previous years’ races included such trials as completing a drill at the fire station, dropping an egg onto a teammates head from a few stories up, solving puzzles to find certain Oglesby landmarks, and rummaging through a dumpster-sized box for pieces to a particular outfit.

Knowledge of Oglesby is helpful but not vital as participants are encouraged to seek help from the public. Race rules also encourage participants to bring a map of Oglesby, a cell phone with internet capabilities and a digital camera.

Teams must also sport “matching uniforms.” A $50 prize will be awarded to the most creatively costumed pair.

Winners will be announced after the last team crosses the finish line.
Scramble challenges range from physical to mental to just plain luck. In this particular task, team members had to drink small glasses of rootbeer until they found one with an X on the bottom. One team drank dozens!
For entry forms, rules and a liability waiver, click on the page links above. Forms are also available at City Hall. The entry fee is $25 per team in advance and $30 on race day. All pre-registered participants will receive a Scramble t-shirt.

As in years past, Scramblers will complete one special task to benefit a local charity. This year's group is Soldiers' Angels, a local group that provides holiday care packages to our deployed military men and women. (Onlookers and other Harvest Fest-goers are encouraged to support the group through donations. Learn more about that here.)
So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to scramble to the head of the pack? Find a partner, don your team garb, bring along your handy gadgets and don’t forget your ability to think outside the box.
Or the picture frame for that matter. In the case of Clue, for example, sometimes it’s what’s not there that makes all the difference.
Those who remembered that important fact were able to nab Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the pipe... and scramble on to their next challenge--and the biggest prizes!
Race judges check participants' clue sheets as they cross the finish line.